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After months of loneliness you’re finally ready to go on a date and, in your infinite wisdom, you find yourself here. Who’s Karen? What’s she all about? What can this mysterious woman teach you about love, kindness and yourself? A veritable sequel to the original, Blind Date improves on Blind Date (Classic) in many exciting ways. 


The art has been given a significant face lift and looks better than ever! Fully realized with brand new visual effects and a touch of mirror shine polish! 


The narrative has been completely re-written to make for a more engaging and enriching experience. With 8 endings in total, the game now has more to explore! 

... Where's that mysterious quacking coming from?

Coding and Writing Work:

Joshua Wilson


(Come say hi on Twitter!)

Art and Writing:

(Come say hi on twitter!)



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So we've actually released this game on steam as well, this is an older version, the newer one has an extra 6 endings and a lot of content, you can buy it here!


Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars
(98 total ratings)
GenreInteractive Fiction, Visual Novel
TagsAbstract, Dark, Dating Sim, fiction, Horror, Multiple Endings, Pixel Art, relationship, weird
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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I cant get past the title screen for some reason

it got me in the end, i like the twist also i feel attacked 



Not the kind of blind date I was expecting but overall the experience was very interesting. I love the graphic style and the character development. ^^


This would be how NOT to have a Beach Date

         Step 1 don't date a girl named Karen 
Thank you for coming to my TEDtalk


Nicely done. It made me feel uncomfortable.

It kinda reminds me of this video:


This was a great game! Loved the writing style and engaging dialogue choices. I would highly recommend this game to anyone. If you are curious about the game play, make sure to check out my video!


I really dislike this kind of game. I was looking for a normal dating game and I found this one. First, not everyone who plays dating game is a mess or feels alone. I really hate how people generalize depression or social anxiety and how they are sure that covincting these behaviours through a game would really help people.
And there is no way to tell Karen that we are ok, and we left our flat just to get laid or have a nice blind date.
So... yeah. Nice arts, nice music but that's all.


This game wasn't for you. That's okay. Have a good one!


Thank you for making this game. I was expecting a normal dating simulator, but in the end I got the internal battle I have often. I do feel worthless, tiny, and not in the condition of being capable of achieving anything in life. Just recently I started to at least try to change, as because my friends gave me a surprise birthday party when I was expecting nothing from them, gave me hope again. So yeah, I relate a lot with the protagonist of the game. Sincerely, I liked the final message that it gives you, that even if you may have faults, you just have to accept them and move on, try to live life (I really hope I got that right lol).



You got me with Stanley. Did NOT see that coming.


Hi there!

I have made a little Valentines Day special on my gaming channel, playing four games that somewhat fit the theme, and I gotta say.. I was not quite prepared for being almost psycho-analyzed, even if the glitchy logo tipped me off to this not being what it seemed.

I will say, I appreciate that this can go both ways, and that it is possible to break out of the bad cycle the game presents. As a perpetually dateless person, and one with some serious confidence issues myself, I can definitely recognize more than a few of the sensations this gives me - but a game that outright rewards you for thinking differently than your standard is an admirable thing indeed. And until you learn that... well it's terrifying and unpleasant, as are the issues it presents. Very nice job.

Your game starts at 17:28, if you are curious. 

I felt like this was a big improvement from the original. Really enjoyed it.

I really liked it, that second last message really got me going -while not being related to- my upcoming job interview!


uh is there any other route that being shitalked for 10mn

WHAT A TWIST!! I loved it. Definitely a psychological suspense/horror.

i made my own playthrough! lol i call this a psychological horror. i love the style and just how effect the writing is in making the player feel. 

great game. i'm excited to see what you have next!

Great idea and cool game. I really like the transition of music and environment. I have just noticed that you can't scroll down through answers without a mouse and this is bad for laptop users without a mouse. Would be nice if you make it scrollable with touchpad or arrow keys. Keep up the good work! :)

Great game! Great Story! I had to keep it PG for my viewers so I cut out some of the language but it was a pretty good game. I was really amazed by the story and how you start out with a date and notice small strange things. I don't recommend to audiences less than 13 (I bet they'd play anyways) but I don't think anyone less than 13 would understand the character's emotions anyways. Thank you for the good story.


When I downloaded this game, I knew it would be interesting from the glitchy title, but boy did it really capture my attention! I was able to get 3 different endings and thoroughly enjoyed the script. This game is a spiritual successor to the original Blind Date, which I wasn't privy to until after playing this, so... some of the references were lost on me until post. :P Other than that, it was splendid and I definitely recommend it!

This is great. Definitely rings true with some of the emotions it explores. 


At first glance, it seemed like game that’s about going on a blind date with total stranger and it started to become creepy as it goes on with weird things happening around you.  

The story is great, the graphics are neat, and the game gave me a scare as soon it progresses, which made it even better.  I recommend this game  for anyone who wants to play! 

This is great

This was an absolute delight to play! I don't want to give away too much of the story, but suffice to say it's a fantastic exercise in conversation and interaction.

As the game goes on, you become more aware of your surroundings, and things become a little less crystal clear. 

This is an excellent experience, and I would recommend it to anyone and everyone! Great work peeps, keep up the awesomeness =)

This really caught me off guard. I thought it was gonna be a cute little game, then some demonic story, but not an issue of mental health... Really well done, I loved it

Game was great, and personally hit close to home. 

Hey there,any chance we can get our hands on the soundtrack? It's really amazing

That was a pretty interesting and intense game. Had no idea what was coming. Great job. Made a video, hope you enjoy! 

Just played this. Super great, though HOT DAMN THAT WAS UNEXPECTED!

Wow...I knew going into this game that there was more then meets the eye but I was not prepared for it! Great game! The message behind it was intense and is something that a lot of people go through! Really enjoyed the experience!

To certain kinds of people, this game has a direct and strong message. I would've liked to see the... "true?" ending to be developed a tad more so that one doesn't end up feeling like the "reward" for getting through it was a line or two, but overall that's a nitpick on an interesting game. Both the visuals and the story was well done, and I could easily replay it once or twice without the game starting to feel repetitive. Well made.

How many ending this thing has? 

I've got "loneliness" and "goose"....

Oh...Karen...Oh. You are such the savage in the game. I gotta say, you did very well on this short game! I thought it was going to be another dating simulator type, but then I got slapped at every step and the background changes! The attention to detail was great through my gameplay.

I only got one of the endings, but I feel like I definitely got my fill of this game, in a good way! The message behind this game was solid and really made me think about things from my past and choices that I've made. The main character reminds me a lot of how I used to be and the whole situation really sheds a light on the concept of inner demons. I absolutely love how you took that idea and ran with it. The atmosphere was absolutely stunning. Scenery changes really caught me off guard and I didn't know what to think or even what to expect next. Thanks so much for making this!

I totally loved the meaning behind the game, it was quite SAVAGE.


dang y'all hit me where it hurts 

Hello! I loved your game, the art was stupendous and the writing really made this game special! I made the 50th or so let's play of your game here~


Just leaving a comment to say, good game.

I was expecting something more creepy but this threw me off so hard I was speechless at the end LOL nice job xD

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